Safety Testing Services

Wollondilly Electrical Contracting & Sales can perform a variety of tests to ensure your safety devices and electrical items are in a good, safe operating condition. These tests can be applied in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. Whilst they may differ slightly from one situation to the next the outcome of ensuring safety is paramount in every site or location, whether it be your home or your business. Some of the most common tests that can be performed are:

  • Smoke Detector Tests – It is extremely important to regularly check to see that the detector will operate in the unfortunate event of a fire. In this test we simulate smoke from a fire and ensure effective activation and operation of the device.
  • Safety Switch / RCD / ELCB Testing – There are many rules that govern a safety switch and the most important factors are how quickly it trips and under what fault conditions it will do so. Our test machine simulates an electrocution and ensures that your protective device will operate in a suitable time frame to ensure safety and protection of your family or staff members.
  • Test and Tag of Electrical Appliances and Leads – This test evaluates the electrical integrity of your appliance and ensures that users are not placing themselves in unforseen danger whilst operating the appliance.
  • Emergency and Exit Light Testing – A 90 minute test to see that in the case of a power failure these devices will function so as to guide you to safety. If any items do happen to fail this test, the electricians at Wollondilly Electrical Contracting & Sales can fix the problem on the spot!
  • General Electrical Wiring Condition Report – Too many house and building fires are caused from old wiring or faulty electrical equipment. With this test we perform an overall electrical audit of the premises and supply you with a list of required repairs to keep your premises in safe running order.
  • Thermal Scanning of Switch Boards – Similar to general electrical wiring, switchboards are a well known fire starter, often due to broken down cabling. The best solution is to identify any potential problems and take action to address them before before it becomes a real problem! With our thermal scanning camera we can detect any hot points within the board that could lead to the start of an unwanted fire before it happens.

Regular and diligent electrical testing is required not just to satisfy Australian Standards but also to give you peace of mind that the equipment installed to protect you will actually do so, if and when it is required. It is recommended that you have these devices checked annually and in some cases biannually.

Will your smoke detector operate correctly in the case of a fire? Will your safety switch turn off if there is an electrical fault? Will your emergency and exit lights operate in the case of an emergency? Don’t wait for the emergency to happen before you find out that the things you need are not working!

  • Testing and Inspection of Fire Equipment

Wollondilly Electrical Contracting & Sales is a Gold Member of FPAA (Fire Protection Association Association) and a Provider of Choice for Test and Inspect services of fire equipment. For a full list of the services provided please see our FPAA Company Profile.

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